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Angie’s List Customer Review’s

K. Ellis - "took down two trees and ground down the stumps, they were very professional and worked without stopping."

T. Flanagan - "I used Mass Stump and Tree Removal about a year ago. They did a lot of trees and branches. He is now approaching 70 and has been climbing trees all of his life and is quite the monkey when it comes to trees. He is in shape and climbs a large tree in less than a minute. He cleans up after himself. He grinds everything up and it leaves in the truck with him. He is clean and tidy."

P. Dunn - "Cut and remove one tree, including removal of all debris. Very good job. More to come....the stump is to be ground down in April. Complete report at that time."

C. Ross - "Pete was quick to come out and give a quote. He accessed some of the branches from two neighbors driveways. In both cases he checked with the neighbors before using their driveways, in one case he took down an additional branch as a "thank you" to the neighbor at no additional cost. Final bill was not presented until Pete had an opportunity to speak with me and make sure I was happy with the service, which I was. Final bill did not exceed the quote."